Event Description

The Endometriosis Summit is ready to host the world for a three-day exploration of veracity and vision for endometriosis and pelvic pain.

This year’s event is an endometriosis extravaganza featuring interactive workshops, lab trainings for surgeons and physical therapists, panels on gaslighting and trauma, video sessions, surgical didactics open to both patients and practitioners, the first ever advocacy course for endometriosis, and of course, our signature Patient and Practitioner Town Meeting. Plus park meetups, networking, and connection to our endometriosis community.

We curated a weekend to delve into nearly every aspect of endometriosis, perfect for those newly introduced to endometriosis and for experts alike.

Connect to others.

Understand endometriosis from diagnosis to whole body healing-as a patient and as a practitioner.

Change the narrative.

All days are open to BOTH patients and practitioners. BCPA Advocacy Course is during Endo Summit Surgery.

Event Schedule

Day 1

February 18, 2022

Join industry leaders in discussing the future of endometriosis treatment. Endo Summit Surgery is aimed to teach surgeons, physical therapists, advocates, and patients. Surgical didactics, video education, panels on using emerging radiology techniques for endometriosis, breakout sessions specific to physical therapists and surgeons, and pain science discussions, as well as an Op-Ed section allowing for unfiltered discussions. For Physical Therapists a two-hour lab on nerve injections and anal-rectal manometry. For Surgeons, breakout labs on surgical skill and endometriosis. Endo Summit Surgery will host a breakout “How to advocate for people with endometriosis” open to all, patients and practitioners. BCPA CEU’s will be offered for that breakout. Non licensed professionals will attend the breakout on advocacy.

For everyone, patient and practitioner alike, Endo Summit Surgery will be a day filled with disease specific education.

All licensed physicians are invited to return for our Surgical Roundtable on February 19 at the Bohemian.

Day 2

February 19, 2022

Come on the journey of life with endometriosis at Endo Summit Workshop. Patients and Practitioners will experience an entire day of interactive workshops. Endo Summit Workshop explores Hypermobility Disorders, SIBO and Endometriosis, Biomedical treatment models vs Biopsychosocial treatment models, Functional Medicine’s Approach to Hormones, and healing from surgery. “Poop Live” discusses all things bowels and endometriosis plus an experience called “Words Matter” to explore the language practitioners use and the language you use on yourself. Endo Summit Workshop culminates with a workshop on Trauma and Endometriosis. Held at The Bohemian, Celebration to create a cozy, warm environment that foster connection, conversation, and focus. Enjoy curated, allergy friendly food and a special event gift.

Day 3

Practitioner Town Meeting

Come one, come all to The Endometriosis Summit’s Patient and Practitioner Town Meeting. Our signature event features panels on policy, surgery, fertility, pelvic pain, and life with endometriosis. Grab your seat in our Town Hall to experience a debate on medical management vs surgical management of endometriosis, an improv play on gaslighting-starring you. Two keynotes -Bias in Medicine by Jeanne Lenzer; Endometriosis as a Social Justice Issue by Pamela Merrit ignite thought and conversation during our Town Meeting. From origins of endometriosis to excision of the disease to nutrition, bladder dysfunction, and hernia Endo Summit Town Meeting unites patient and practitioners together to move endometriosis forward. Our open mics are waiting for you to change the narrative!

*Please note, Endo Summit Town Meeting discussions are for theory and education—not personal case discussion.

Endometriosis Advocacy Master Class

Bench to Beltway to Bedside: Advocacy for Endometriosis

Heather Guidone, BCPA, Center for Endometriosis Care

Introducing the first Board Certified Patient Advocate Master Class in Endometriosis Advocacy.

This course discusses the role of the Professional Advocate in reducing delays in diagnosis, improving outcomes, clinical research, and increasing public awareness for endometriosis; reviews the importance of multidisciplinary care for the disease; and navigates various practitioner, community, employer, research, legislative, support, and other advocacy resources to enhance the patient experience.

The Endometriosis Summit: Patient & Practitioner Town Meeting Program ‘Bench to Beltway to Bedside: Advocacy for Endometriosis’ is approved for 2 CEs by the Patient Advocate Certification Board to satisfy the requirements for Board Certified Patient Advocates (BCPA). Program Approval Code 18173.

Advocacy Course is open to all attendees and is part of Endo Summit Surgery Registration as a breakout. All laypersons attending Endo Summit Surgery will be added to the Endometriosis Advocacy Master Class.

If you are seeking BCPA CEU’s Advocacy Course has a separate Add-On.

Available VIRTUAL and LIVE

Pelvic Pain Master Class

Pelvic Nerve Treatments and Anal-Rectal Manometry

This lab overviews the synergistic nature of a multi-specialty team for treating endometriosis and pelvic pain. Designed for pelvic physical therapists to expand their knowledge on medical interventions available for endometriosis’s co-morbidities beyond surgery.

Dr. Allyson Shrikhande, Physiatrist and CMO of Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine teaches the core elements, including diagnosis and non-operative treatment options, for a successful pelvic floor physical therapy and pelvic physiatry relationship for those with endometriosis. She will demonstrate techniques for modulating nerve driven pain and nerve injections.

Dr. Murray Orbuch, a gastroenterologist working with people with endometriosis, discusses treatments available for those suffering from constipation and endo belly secondary to pelvic floor muscle issues. He will conduct a full instructional lab on anal-rectal manometry.

Available LIVE only.

This course is for physical therapists only. Complete the Add-On as part of the Endo Summit Surgery Registration Must show proof of licensure upon entry.

Endo Summit Boutiqe

Event pickup or shipped to you.

Limited apparal for purchase at the event.


Dr. Mauricio Abrão

Dr. Mauricio Abrão

Honorary Chair, Endometriosis Summit AAGL: 2021 Scientific Program Chair and 2022 Incoming President

Dr. Sallie Sarrel PT ATC DPT

Dr. Sallie Sarrel

Director, Endometriosis Summit

Dr. Andrea Vidali

Dr. Andrea Vidali

Co-Founder, Endometriosis Summit

Day 4 - February 21, 2022

Optional Disney's Hollywood Studios Meet-up

Grab your own park ticket, Endo Summit Apparel and  meet us for an Endo Summit Park Takeover. A great opportunity to let loose and have fun with the others in the endometriosis community.

This will be a group meet-up. We will meet at Galaxy’s Edge at 930am and get on line at Star Wars: The Rise of the Resistance promptly at 945am. The Resistance has informed us that Blue Milk is dairy free and Batuuan Spira is accepted everywhere in the Galaxy.

Purchase your park ticket on your own. You must make a park reservation as well. Park reservations do sell out. 

We will meet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Monday to take endometriosis to infinity and beyond!

3rd Annual
GPHAM Meetup

For GPHAM Members Only

Join Tracy Sher and everyone else in the GPHAM-ily for cocktails after Endo Summit Workshop. Must show proof of GPHAM membership.


Please come dressed in comfortable clothing, better yet wear your Endo Summit Apparel! The Nicholson Center is often quite chilly. Please dress in layers.

The Conference Hotel is The Bohemian Hotel, Celebration. Orlando International (MCO) is the closest airport. Please see registration platform for more detailed travel information.

404 Celebration Place, Celebration, Florida 34747


Tired of the bias driven decisions, infighting, and the one upping? Looking to advance your skill and knowledge base regarding endometriosis?

The Endometriosis Summit 2021 aims to unite the endometriosis community as One Voice in our all new virtual format. Available Worldwide!